Hi there and welcome to 1000x programmer!

Welcome to the online home for my notes, thoughts, and progress on the craft of programming alongside my pursuit to decipher the art of learning (anything). I write with the perspective of helping a younger version of myself. Hopefully, it will also help a few people in similar shoes who can’t sit still with ideas yet to be executed, those who enjoy exploring the tapestry of knowledge this world has to offer, or those who want to be a little bit better than yesterday.

But at its core, this site is about my journey.

I have a long way to go till I reach 1000X (my north star) and there will be many detours along the way. But life is not just about the main roads, it’s also the winding trails that helps build the richer experience that I seek. It’s easy to make this blog solely about programming and dry posts on coding an app better or making the back end operations of a site smoother, but where’s the joy in reading just that? You have stack overflow and a myriad of other resources for documentation style reading.

That’s not the type of blog I want to write.

Who am I?

I ask myself that question every morning (lol). But I’d like to leave my identity private for now until I get my bearings on what exactly this shapes up to be. I’m a big believer in letting the writing speak for itself. So if you vibe with the writing – please feel free to stick around and no hard feelings if you don’t.


-The Author


I’m fairly busy in my day to day life so I don’t upload as regularly as one should. But this is a long term personal project for me, so I’m not committed to any specific timelines. BUT this first quarter aside: it is reasonable to assume uploads in quarterly batch format starting August 2022.